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6.1. Update

Update released March 26, 2019

What’s new

  • We are launching free online training in English, Spanish and Portuguese, accessible from the product front page!

  • PDF splitting is back! New PDF reports now can be also split to multiple files by chapters. We also provide cross-links between items placed in different files, click an item and it will open the right file at the right place.

  • iCloud backup download and analysis updated for new iOS and working at the edge of current possibilities. Two factor authentication with new iOS may still not work, as nobody in the industry is able to solve this.

  • Improved speed of both iOS and Android extractions by optimizing the quantity of data, especially media.

Bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Improved text overlay in PDF report

  • Enhanced support of non-latin characters in PDF report

  • Optimized Timeline results in PDF report

  • Fixed Google Maps links with diacritics in reports

  • Improved File Browser, filenames now can contain "%"

  • Deleted photos from iOS devices have better mark

  • Physical image acquisition fixed

Improved app analysis

  • Skype for Business (Android)

  • Viber (Android)

  • (Android & iOS)

  • Evernote (iOS)

  • Telegram (Android)

  • KakaoTalk (Android)

  • K9 mail (Android)

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