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7.0.1. Update

Update released September 3, 2019

What’s new

  • Now with option to create your MOBILedit backups to contain only the exact matched data from Specific Selection with their corresponding reports (PDF, excel, HTML), or, you can create your MOBILedit backups to contain all phone data but only show the Specific Selection data in the reports.

  • All possible device application permissions are now shown in the report if the APK file is extracted.

  • Installer applications (other than Google Play) are shown for Android applications.

  • Files and folders extracted from the phone will now show the original created, modified and accessed dates and times in Windows file system.

Other improvements

  • Improved exact matches of key words using “quotations marks”, with case-sensitive searching, able to search and find specific entire words and not just a section of the word.

  • Encrypted MOBILedit backup package can be read directly without unpacking.

  • Improved naming of photos from webcam.

  • Improved naming of unfinished PDF files. Be aware of opening these if PDF generation is still running.

  • Cellebrite UFD/UFDR import/export improved

  • PDF generator improved

  • Physical image improved

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