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7.0. Update

Update released August 9, 2019

MOBILedit is one of the first phone forensic tools, and since 1996 has played an important role in the industry. Now we have released a big version 7.0, moving phone forensics forward. As an expert in the field you shouldn't miss this event.

New MOBILedit Forensic Express comes with a better user experience, better reports, better phone unlocking, is faster and brings great new features. If you are not using MOBILedit Forensic Express yet, request a demo here.

According to feedback from our customers, here's what they like the most about MOBILedit Forensic Express:

  • Highest number of supported apps and best in getting data from messengers and other apps

  • Fast updates with Live Updates plus on-demand application analysis

  • Great in recovering deleted data

  • Best reports, especially PDF, easily understandable to whoever reads them

  • Ease of use, requires minimum learning

  • Fast, concurrent processing of many devices

  • Price effective

What’s new

Phone data pre-viewer

  • View essential data before the extraction even starts! This can rapidly speedup evidence collection to help in making the right decisions quickly.

Phone data pre-viewer

What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG reports

  • Our reports are now fully customizable – you can choose the most important data and order them any way you want to. You can literally define the content of the report at your fingertips.

Report configurator

Better Android phones unlocking

  • We have implemented phone unlocking by using flashing of custom recovery images for some Android phones, so you don't need to root those phones and can get the physical image with access to maximum data without knowing the user password.

Phone Unlocking

Hardware license dongles now supported

  • Now you can take your license with you in case you need to work in the field or do not have access to the internet. Also you can share your license with colleagues in a more flexible way.

Faster extractions of media from iPhone

  • Extractions of photos and videos from new iOS devices are now much faster by using multi-threading for re-coding and resizing images.

New spyware detection

  • In addition to malware we can now detect spyware by using machine-learning; we can even find new, unknown and proprietary developed spyware code.

Our best in the industry reports are now even better

  • We have fine-tuned our PDF and html reports taking your case presentation to even an higher level.

MOBILedit is now fully available in these languages: Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, working on many more, let us know if you want to translate...

Easy connection of Apple devices by handling driver installation

Other improvements

  • Huawei - HiSuite backup analysis improved

  • File Manager now displays file metadata information

  • iMessage photos report display improved

  • Loading report configuration file improved

  • Improved physical images loading

  • Custom recovery image creation improved

  • Drive 'free space' appearance improved

Application analysis improvements

Analysis of apps is very important today for successful investigations, so we have added many:

  • Airbnb updated

  • Agoda iOS version added

  • Baidu Map Android version added

  • Bitcoin Wallet added

  • Wallet added

  • Dolphin browser updated

  • Duolingo added

  • Faceapp added

  • Facebook Messenger updated

  • Fake GPS Free Android version added

  • Fake GPS Pro Android version added

  • Fake Location Android version added

  • Gmail updated

  • Google updated for Android and iOS version added

  • Google Drive updated

  • Google Maps updated

  • GPS Joystick Android version added

  • Hangouts updated

  • Hola Fake GPS Android version added

  • Hot or Not added

  • ICQ updated

  • Instagram updated

  • iOS Notes updated

  • Joyride / Jaumo added

  • LinkedIn updated

  • LIME added

  • Location Changer Android version added

  • Luno updated for Android and iOS version added

  • Mycelium Wallet added

  • OkCupid added

  • Pinterest updated

  • QQ application updated

  • Skype updated

  • Telegram updated

  • Threema updated

  • TikTok updated

  • Twitter updated

  • WhatsApp updated

  • Yandex added

  • YouTube updated

  • And almost 100 weather applications added

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