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7.2. Update

Update released April 20, 2020

MOBILedit Forensic Express version 7.2 is yet another evidence of continual and effective progress made by our talented development team.

As usual, our two main targets were to enhance the possibilities available for your phone forensic analysis and to improve your overall user experience. We are convinced we are gradually succeeding in both of these goals.

Below you can find all of the new features and improvements now available for you!

What’s new

  • Support for backups from Samsung feature phones

  • File filtering based on the National Software Reference Library (NSRL) database of common files - reduces the number of exported files

  • File highlighting based on a user-supplied hash list

  • Beta version of Chinese language full product localization

  • Updated Portuguese, Spanish, Czech and Slovak full product localizations

  • New button on the connection screen, where you can find information about the currently connected phone

  • Extended characters in PDF file names are phonetically transcribed instead of being escaped with "%xx"

  • Android Connector application can be updated via Wi-Fi

  • Limited Apple APFS physical image support

  • Context menu in File Manager via right mouse click or with SHIFT+F10 key combination

Improvements and bugfixes

  • UFED export/import compatibility improved

  • Improved File Manager operations - Copy, Delete and Move

  • Case information now extended

  • iTunes Backup Reveal refreshes every time you open it

  • Faster application start thanks to the optimization of how we load the update packages

  • Camera Ballistics runs in background concurrently to speed up analysis

  • Check for all needed Android permissions for Connector application

  • Updated Czech, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish full product localizations

  • Many minor improvements

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