Greetings from the MOBILedit Team. To close successfully the year 2021, we are happy to announce MOBILedit Forensic (formerly Express) - version 8.0. This big update aims to add various new features, such as a new approach to security bypassing, a marketplace for 3rd party forensic modules, or a completely revamped malware and spyware detection.

Important: In order to receive the version 8.0 update and all the future updates, you need to register your current license in the new MOBILedit User Portal.

New features

  • A new approach to the security bypassing with the Live Updates technology - new phone models can be added even without a MOBILedit reinstallation, just like updating an antivirus software!

    • It is possible to choose a method based on the model of the device

    • Remove and restore of screen lock for rooted Samsung devices

    • Samsung engineering root - enables ADB with root access

    • Get physical dump from devices with Spreadtrum chipset

    • Get physical from more devices with MTK chipset

    • Get physical from over 1000 specific devices with EDL chipset (much more supported through generic method)

  • A totally revamped malware and spyware detection

  • Marketplace for 3rd party forensic modules

  • OCR processing of photos

  • Improved application downgrade

  • Revamped Photo recognizer and Face matcher

  • Improved update system

  • Added analysis of PDF files, KTX files, and new realm-core files

  • UI improvements such as better high DPI handling and status bar with more detailed information

  • Installed and running HiSuite is detected as a conflicting program

  • Captured phone photos contain hashes for every item to check the integrity of data

  • New applications analysis

  • Updated application analysis including WhatsApp and Signal

  • Fixed bugs in pdf generation

  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Other changes

  • We've slightly changed the name of the product, taking out the word "Express", so the new name will now be just "MOBILedit Forensic"

  • To activate MOBILedit or obtain updates, it is necessary to register the license in the MOBILedit User Portal

  • 32-bit version is not supported anymore

  • Offline activation is not possible anymore. For offline computers, it is now necessary to ask for a dongle license.

MOBILedit Forensic offers maximum functionality at a fraction of the price of other tools. It can be used as the only tool in a lab or as an enhancement to other tools such as UFED through its data compatibility.