Dirty COW is a computer security vulnerability that affected all Linux-based operating systems, including Android devices, that used older versions of the Linux kernel created before 2018. If you have a device that has an Android version up to 7 then you can try to root your device with a Dirty cow exploit.

How to

  1.  Click on "Hack phone" and choose "Root using Dirty Cow".

2. Select the phone that you want to be rooted. 

MOBILedit Forensic Express automatically detects what phones can be rooted so if your device does not show in this category then it cannot be exploited.

3. Click on "Next" and proceed with the exploit.

4. When everything is finished you should see a text ROOTED below the IMEI - as you can see in the screenshot below. 

If nothing shows up after the exploit, then reconnect your device

5. Click on "Create physical image". 

6. When your physical image is created click on "Import data" and choose "Physical image".

7. Select the image you have just created and proceed like you would with a normal extraction.

Dirty COW is a temporary root and will be gone once you will restart your device.