Our software can connect and extract information from Apple Watch up to series 3 by connecting it to your device via a specially designed Apple connector.

For Apple watches series 0 and 1 is needed an iBUS S1 connector.
For Apple watches series 2 and 3 is needed an iBUS S2 connector.
For Apple watches series 4 and 5 is needed an iBUS S4/S5 connector.

Once you successfully assembled the connector and connected the watch to your PC you should be prompted with a trust message on them.

At this point, you are going to proceed with the extraction as you would with any other device.

What can you extract

  • Device info

  • MAC addresses

  • Memory

  • UID

  • SW revision

  • Notes

  • Voice recordings

  • Files

  • Application list

  • Synchronized Photos (with their Locations, if they are available)

  • and System logs

Example of Apple Watch data in PDF report