KaiOS is a Linux-based operating system designed for feature phones and is completely supported by MOBILedit on a physical level. The physical analysis provides you with all the important data such as contacts, messages, organizer, browser history, browser bookmarks, calls, alarms, notes, WhatsApp, and more.

KaiOS operating system is very popular among feature phones such as Alcatel, Nokia, Accent, Telma and many other local brands. Its user interface is specifically designed for non-touchscreen phones with keypads; however, it still allows its users to use modern apps such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. KaiOS is very popular in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and it is the second most used OS in India.

To import the physical image, simply click on Import data.

It is not always possible to load all of the partitions from the physical image, which is standard behaviour in case some of the partitions do not contain any useful user data or if it is encrypted.

Physical extraction

Physical image from KaiOS devices can be extracted using the following methods:

EDL Hack

The EDL hack is a way of extracting physical images from phones with Qualcomm chipsets without root access (rooting the phone). You can find a guide on how to proceed with the EDL hack here.

MTK Hack

MTK hack enables you to extract physical image from phones with MediaTek chipsets without root access (rooting the phone). This exploit method does not work on all MTK-equipped devices, but sometimes it is the only way of acquiring the physical image because the phone does not have to be booted up or unlocked in order to perform this operation; which means you can try even if the phone is off or locked. You can find a guide on how to proceed with the MTK hack here.

Examples of supported KaiOS devices:

  • Jio JioPhone 2

  • JioPhone F30C

  • JioPhone F101K

  • JioPhone F120B

  • JioPhone F220B

  • JioPhone F211S

  • JioPhone F250Y

  • JioPhone F271I

  • JioPhone F10Q

  • JioPhone F41T

  • JioPhone F50Y

  • JioPhone F61F

  • JioPhone F81E

  • JioPhone F90M

  • JioPhone LF-2401

  • JioPhone LF-2402

  • JioPhone LF-2403

  • JioPhone LF-2403N

  • JioPhone F300B

  • Nokia 3310

  • Nokia 105

  • Nokia 216

  • Nokia 220

  • Nokia 230

  • Nokia 8110

  • Nokia 2720 Flip

  • Nokia 800 Tough

  • Cat B35

  • Alcatel Go Flip 3

  • Alcatel Cingular Flip 2

  • Positivo P70S

  • MTN Smart

  • Nubia 50K

  • Jazz Digit 4G

  • Orange Sanza 2

  • Kitochi 4G Smart

  • Orange Sanza XL

  • Wi-Kif 4G +

  • Vodacom Smart Kitochi (Vida)

  • Hape Online

  • Afriphone

  • QMobile 4G Plus

  • Vodacom Smart Kitochi (Azumi)

  • Sigma X-Style S3500 sKai

  • Zoey Smart

  • Energy E241

  • Doro 7050

  • and more!

Example of connecting a specific device in EDL mode:

  1. Click on the "Hack phone" option.

2. Choose the "get physical dump from phone using EDL".

3. Pick the "Direct connection".

4. Click "next".

5. Keep it like that and take the phone. Take out the battery and put it back again to make sure the phone is restarted. Do not turn it on.

6. Press and HOLD the * button, and connect the device to the PC. (while still holding the * button), wait for the vibration. After the vibration, release the * button and your device should be connected.

Sometimes you have to repeat the procedure if you are not successful on the first try, just make sure you take out and in the battery for each try.