MTK Hack is a way of extracting a physical image from phones equipped with MediaTek chipsets without root access (rooting the phone). This exploit method does not work on all MTK-equipped devices, however, it is sometimes the only way of acquiring the physical image from a locked or even turned-off phone.

How to

  1. On the main screen click on "Hack phone".

  2. Choose "Get physical dump from MTK phone".

3. Click "Next" and follow the on-screen guide.

4. You will be asked to select a location on your disk, where the physical image will be stored. Please note that the physical image is as big as the full phone┬┤s storage.

5. Then you will be asked to connect the switched-off MTK phone. 

6. After the phone has been connected to a screen similar to the one below should appear; if not, the MTK hack is probably not available for your device. 

7. This should only take a few seconds and in some cases 1-2 minutes; the extraction will start right after. 

8. You can see the physical image being extracted on this screen. This may take a while depending on the amount of data stored in your device. 

9. After the extraction has finished, you will be able to find the IMG file at the destination location you have chosen. 

This method does not work for most MTK devices with locked bootloaders. In order to use MTK hack on such devices, the bootloader has to be unlocked first.