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Apple Watch

MOBILedit Forensic can connect and extract information from Apple Watch up to series 5 by connecting it to your device via a specially designed iBUS adapter.

For Apple watches series 0 and 1 an iBUS S1 connector is needed.
For Apple watches series 2 and 3 an iBUS S2 connector is needed.
For Apple watches series 4, 5 and SE an iBUS S4/S5 connector is needed.

Please note, working with the Apple Watch diagnostic port and reader requires extreme care and delicate handling during connection, as the procedure is intricate.

Apple watch extractions should ONLY be carried out by law enforcement and technical professionals who have been trained in using the specialist micro hardware equipment required to perform the extraction.

How to access Apple Watch diagnostic port

1. You will find the Apple Watch diagnostic port on the bottom of the watch after removing the strap. Place a needle or tweezers in the diagnostic hole and carefully remove the small cover.

2. Insert the iBUS adapter extension into the strap slot. The extension has a choice of two length options, you need to take into account the model and size of the watch you are working with.

3. Connect the iBUS watch adapter at an angle of approximately 134 degrees. Please, connect the iBUS adapter carefully to avoid damage to the adapter or to the watch diagnostic port itself.

4. Connect the USB lightning cable to the iBUS adapter.

After successfully assembling the iBUS reader and connecting the watch to your computer, you should be prompted to enter a passcode to confirm the trust message.

At this point, you should proceed with the extraction as you would with any other device.

How to connect iWatch to Mobiledit Forensic

What can you extract

  • Synchronized Photos (with their geolocations, if they are available)

  • Voice recordings

  • Application list

  • Files

  • Device info

  • MAC addresses

  • UID

  • SW revision

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