MOBILedit Forensic can connect with Garmin smartwatches to extract and analyze data using a cable connection. Garmin cables are included in our smartwatch kit.

To see what is included in the smartwatch kit, please visit the webpage.

How to extract data :

Garmin watch extraction must be performed on data copied from the watch and stored outside the watch itself, either on portable storage or the computer running MOBILedit Forensic. Do not run the extraction directly from the watch itself.

1. Connect a Garmin watch to the computer using the appropriate cable.

2. Copy the entire file system from the connected Garmin watch to your preferred storage location (you can use the File Manager inside the MOBILedit Forensic).

3. From the connection screen in MOBILedit Forensic, select "Import data > Garmin backup".

4. Locate and select the “…\Garmin\GarminDevice.xml” file on your copied Garmin data location

5. Click on "Next".

6. The remaining steps are the same as you would take to run a "Logical extraction" of any other connected phone or device.

Type of extracted data:

  • Activity with GPS locations

  • User profiles

  • Heart rate

  • Timeline

  • Routes

  • Files

  • Application list