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The plugins option is intended for 3rd parties that wish to customise the analytical output of data extracted with MOBILedit Forensic by adding their own self-developed forensic plugins.

The plugins should be written in Python and we are able to provide documentation on how to create and run a plugin. Once approved, the script can be added to MOBILedit Forensic and will then appear on the Plugins screen within the software. It is then available for access, and for the benefit of, all MOBILedit Forensic users.

From the Plugins page, you can add, remove and update individual plugins, you can also see the installed version number and the latest version number. There are two default plugins included with the MOBILedit Forensic installation package and these are:

Android content providers - Content providers are part of an application that manages access to data between different apps on an Android device.

Optical character recognition (OCR) - Analyses electronic photographs and images to identify letters, words and numbers.

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