Flashing a Samsung engineering root provides permanent root access to the phone.

This method does not affect the KNOX Warranty Void flag in download mode.

In MOBILedit Forensic the “Security Binary” for the exact Samsung device can be found next to “U”, as shown below.

The phone can be “bricked” in the case where the Security Binary does not match.

After using a Samsung engineering root the device can be restored to its original state by flashing the original firmware by selecting “Restore stock system”.

By restoring the stock system firmware to the device, the device will be in the same state as before the Samsung engineering root.

This feature is only available for some Samsung devices as not all devices are supported.

Where to find the Security Binary version

  1. Through Odin mode

  2. In settings
    In Build number the fifth number from the end.

How to Flash the Samsung engineering root

  1. In “Security bypassing” → “By model”, search for the phone under investigation.

  2. Select the Security binary entry with the same Security Binary as the actual phone and click “Next”.

  3. Select “Flash Samsung engineering root” and click “Next”.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to boot to Odin mode, click “Next”.

  5. Connect the phone and select “Next”.

  6. The Samsung engineering root will then be flashed into the device.

  7. The phone is now rooted and extraction and analysis can be carried out in the usual way.