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Samsung Watch

Connecting a Samsung watch to MOBILedit Forensic requires a special reader and is intended for use by law enforcement and trained technical professionals only. The process involves delicate handling and extreme care. Please ensure that you have the necessary expertise and authorization before attempting this procedure.

Take extreme care when handling the equipment and the watch to prevent any damage.

You will be able to gain temporary root access to all the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series with MOBILedit Forensic PRO+. More information can be find in the MOBILedit Forensic PRO+ user guide.


  • MOBILedit Forensic PRO or PRO+ software should be installed and running.

  • The Samsung watch you wish to connect.

  • Specialized reader for Samsung smartwatch extraction.

  • Developer access to the Samsung watch.

Connection Steps:

  1. Prepare the Samsung Watch:

    • To access the watch's diagnostic port, you must remove the backplate. This should be done carefully to avoid damage.

    • Unlock the Samsung watch if a PIN is set.

  2. Enable Developer Mode and ADB Debugging:

    • On the Samsung watch, access the Settings menu.

    • Scroll down and find the “About watch” section.

    • Locate “Software Information” and tap on it.

    • Find “Build number” and tap on it multiple times to enable Developer mode.

    • Now, navigate back to the main “Settings” menu.

    • You should now see “Developer options”, enter this menu.

    • Find “ADB Debugging” and enable it. This step is crucial for connecting to MOBILedit Forensic.

  3. Choose the Correct Adapter:

    • Select the appropriate adapter for your Samsung watch model.

  4. Choose the Correct Reader:

    • For the Samsung Watch series 2,3 and 4, choose the black reader. For the Samsung Watch series 5, choose the red reader.

    • Although it may look like the red reader missing one pin, it is deliberate and meant to be like that.

  5. Position the Switch:

    • Ensure that the switch on the reader is set to position "I". This setting is necessary for the connection process.

  6. Place the Adapter on the reader and connect the watch:

    • Gently insert the chosen adapter into the reader, and connect the watch.

  7. Secure the Watch:

    • To maintain a stable connection during the process, it is recommended to use the strap to hold the watch and adapter securely in place.

  8. Confirm RSA Fingerprint:

    • MOBILedit Forensic may prompt you to confirm the RSA fingerprint for the Samsung watch. Verify that the fingerprint matches the expected value.

  9. Successful Connection:

    • Once all the above steps are completed successfully, your Samsung watch should be visible in MOBILedit Forensic for data extraction and analysis.


If you encounter any issues during the connection process, contact the MOBILedit technical training or support teams for assistance here.


List of watches and compatible adapters:



Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm

S2 40 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm

S2 44 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm

S3 41 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm

S3 45 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm

S4 40 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm

S4 44 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm

S4 42 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm

S4 46 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm

S5 40 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm

S5 44 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm

S5 PRO 45 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm

S6 40 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 44mm

S6 44 mm

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