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Smartwatch Kit

The MOBILedit Smartwatch Kit is an essential tool to use alongside MOBILedit Forensic. This comprehensive kit provides users with all the tools they need to connect to Smartwatches and features exclusive Samsung Watch readers designed and developed by Compelson. In addition, it includes Garmin cables and readers for the Apple Watch.

Using the connectors in the MOBILedit Smartwatch Kit, the extraction and analysis are performed by MOBILedit Forensic. The results are professionally presented in PDF, Excel, or HTML or exported as UFDR files. Backups of the data can even be created for examination at a later date.


Connecting a Samsung and an Apple watch to MOBILedit Forensic requires special readers and their use is intended for law enforcement and trained technical professionals only.

The process involves delicate handling and extreme care. Please ensure that you have the necessary expertise and authorization before attempting this procedure.

Take extreme care when handling the equipment and watch to prevent any damage.


What is in the kit

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Readers designed and developed by Compelson:

    • Black is for Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 2, 3 and 4

    • Red is for Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 5 and 6

  2. All-in-One Reader for Apple Watches:

    • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5 and SE 1st gen

  3. Garmin Watch Cables:

    • A pair of cables to connect to a wide range of Garmin watches

  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Adapters:

    • Set of adapters for seamless connection to Samsung watches

  5. Tools:

    • Pair of tweezers for precision handling

    • Screwdriver for removing the backplate of Samsung Galaxy watches

  6. Strap Accessories:

    • A Pair of straps designed to hold Samsung Galaxy watches on the reader securely

  7. Cables:

    • 2x USB-C cable for Samsung Galaxy watch readers

    • 1x Lightning cable for All-in-One Apple watch reader


MOBILedit Forensic Smartwatch Kit_1600x1080.png


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