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7.1. Update

Update released February 26, 2020

Version 7.1. has plenty of new features and improvements which you will find handy along the way while working on your forensic analysis with our software.

What’s new

iOS diagnostic logs extraction and analysis

Devices with an iOS operating system contain a special folder with low-level operating system logs. These logs (such as MobileGestalt) contain useful information about the device and networks. 

Thanks to the logs you can access the records of this information:

  • Standard info about the device such as

    • device build number

    • platform

    • disk usage

    • MAC address

  • When the device was activated

  • How many times was the device connected/disconnected

  • Where the device has been connected and for how long

    • Bluetooth

    • Wifi

  • If the device was connected to a specific network, including:

    • Computer name

    • Hostname

    • Network hostname

  • And many more

iOS screenshots directly from MOBILedit

A few simple clicks and you can take a screenshot of your phone directly in MOBILedit Forensic Express.

Try it yourself! Go to “Specific selection”, then “Captured phone photos”, browse manually on the device to whatever you wish to take a screenshot of and click on the “phone” button.

MOBILedit iPhone screenshots support.gif

DirtyCow hack implemented

Any Android device up to version 7 can be now rooted with the Dirty Cow vulnerability directly in MOBILedit Forensic Express.

Dirty Cow is a temporary root and will be gone once you will restart the device.

More info about the Dirty COW exploit and MOBILedit Forensic Express can be found in our User Guide.

MOBILedit dirty cow hack.png

MOBILedit can notify you through Windows 10 notifications

A notification will appear whenever user interaction with MOBILedit Forensic Express is required.

MOBILedit Widnows Popup.gif

UFDX file import

Extended support for Cellebrite UFED files.

MOBILedit UFED import.png

New activation system

The generic alert message “Connection to the server has failed.” used for any error which might have occurred while activating a license has been abolished.

From now on, in case there is anything wrong, you’ll see only a specific message related to the error. This will help our dedicated support team to help you if it is needed.

Improvements and bugfixes

  • UFED export/import compatibility improved

  • Improved File Manager operations - Copy, Delete and Move

  • Case information now extended

  • iTunes Backup Reveal refreshes every time you open it

  • Faster application start thanks to the optimization of how we load the update packages

  • Camera Ballistics runs in background concurrently to speed up analysis

  • Check for all needed Android permissions for Connector application

  • Updated Czech, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish full product localizations

  • Many minor improvements

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