In the settings, you are able to customize and edit various useful details such as Generic global settings, Investigator details, and Logging.

Global Settings

In Global Settings, you can change the language of the UI and set if you want to show our product logo in your reports. We currently support English, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese (in beta version as of this moment).

Keep in mind that the language in these settings does not affect the language of reports

Investigator details

Investigator details section allows you to fill in the investigator details which will appear in every report you will create.


The logging section allows you to edit the log level, max log size, or access logs folder and clear them.

We currently have 4 levels of logging:

  • Off

  • Basic

  • Detailed

  • Debug

We advise you to set the Log levels to Debug and the max log size to at least 4096KB. The logs are very helpful in case there is a problem that you have to report to our Support team. You can find an article on how to send us logs here.

Every level of logging makes the extraction a bit slower because the software has to keep track of every step you and the device make and writes it down.