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Cellebrite filesystem backup

This feature enables users to import full filesystem extractions from Android and iOS devices where data has been acquired by Cellebrite UFED.

To read more about file system extractions read here.

By selecting “Cellebrite filesystem backup”, you will be able to import the following file types:

  • .zip

  • .dar

  • .clbx


DAR (Disk ARchive) is a file format used by the “dar” utility to create backup archives. These archives can contain files, directories, and metadata from a filesystem, enabling both full and incremental backup as well as splitting the archive over a number of files.

CLBX (Cellebrite Logical Extraction) is a file format that contains data extracted at the logical level, which includes user-accessible files and information from a device, such as contacts, messages, photos, and application data.




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