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Cellebrite UFD

UFD (.ufd) is a file containing a single phone extraction. It is likely that you may also see a file with the extension .ufdx, this contains extractions from multiple devices.

This is a raw binary image file created by Cellebrite's UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device). A UFD file contains a complete physical dump of a device's memory, including system and user data, which allows forensic analysts to perform a comprehensive examination of the device, recover deleted data, and analyze system and application files.

The UFD file can be imported into MOBILedit Forensic for a logical extraction by selecting “Import data and then “Cellebrite UFD”


By using MOBILedit Forensic to analyse the content of a UFD file it is possible to analyse applications and extract data that Cellebrite may not have been able to.

This import options is only available in the MOBILedit Forensic PRO and PRO+ versions.

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