In order to get only the right data, you can set your filters at the start of the process, so extraction will adjust accordingly to not extract unwanted data and speed-up the process, where possible.

Global filters

Allows you to extract and create reports of the information that is only relevant to the case, or, only of what you want to be displayed in the final reports. Data can be filtered by time, contact, text string or location.

Local filters

Local filters are filters used in the "Specific selection" section - unlike the Global filters they only apply to specific content. Contains the following parameters: order, time, location, name, and path.


This option creates a special section where all desired data will be present without affecting the rest of the report.

File filtering

Files can be filtered based on the National Software Reference Library (NSRL) database of common files which effectively reduces the number of exported files. In order to use this feature, a package called File exclude list has to be downloaded in the Updates section.