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Image quality requirements

Image quality requirements

To ensure the best functionality of the Camera Ballistics software we advise you to use raw and unedited photos with higher resolution. To create a fingerprint please use photos with the same resolution as the photos that are currently being investigated. If the resolution differs, we are unable to ensure that the fingerprint stays the same since the camera may behave differently on various resolutions. This may cause problems with identification resulting in photos not being correctly matched to the fingerprint.

Photos obtained from the messaging apps

If the photo was obtained from the messaging application, it is highly possible that the fingerprint of the photo has been modified. Due to modifications ongoing during the sending process, like resolution change, change of file format, or color change. If you were to create a fingerprint from photos that have gone through the same modifications as the investigated file. For example, sending them through the same messaging app as the investigated photo. This could result in creating the same or similar fingerprint as of the investigated photo. We cannot ensure the maximum similarity of the fingerprints because the apps may handle various types of photos differently. Keep in mind that in this case, you will need more photos to create the fingerprint because of the lower resolution.

Thumbnails and preview images

The fingerprint of the thumbnail and raw original photo will be marginally different. Same as with the messaging apps, you would have to let the photos be edited by the same process of modification as the investigated file. To achieve this, you would need a high amount of photos. We still would not be able to ensure the same quality of the fingerprint as with higher resolution photos. With resolution this low it is highly unlikely that the photo will preserve its original fingerprint and may rapidly change in different shots.

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