The MOBILedit Forensic BETA test program provides our users with early access to updates for our soon-to-be-released features, enhancements, and bug fixes, as well as helping to test the product on as many different devices as possible prior to release.

By joining our BETA testing program, you get the opportunity to test brand-new features on your data and in your forensics lab before public release and participate in the final tuning to meet customer expectations.

How to join the MOBILedit Forensic BETA test program?

We would be happy to welcome you to the MOBILedit Forensic BETA test program. Please contact us via our MOBILedit Contact Form and indicate which of your existing MOBILedit Forensic Activation Keys you would like to transfer to the BETA test program, or whether we should generate a new DEMO Activation Key for you.

The use of the BETA version in live cases and investigations is not recommended, please take this into account.

To avoid compromising your researched data, we can generate a new DEMO Activation Key for you for the purpose of the BETA test program.


  • The BETA test program can be linked to your existing MOBILedit Forensic Activation Key or distributed as a new DEMO Activation Key, which we recommend.

  • Activation of the BETA version requires an internet connection.

  • The BETA test program for Dongle Key licenses is not available, please request a new DEMO Activation Key when joining the BETA test program.

  • Please note that the DEMO BETA Activation Key should ideally be installed on a different computer, separate from your existing production Activation Key.

  • All new DEMO/BETA Activation Keys must be registered on the MOBILedit Forensic User Portal. To learn how to create an account or add an Activation Key to an existing account, please follow this link: MOBILedit Forensic User Guide - MOBILedit User Portal.

How to update to MOBILedit Forensic BETA version?

To update to the BETA version of MOBILedit Forensic, select "Update" from the home screen of the existing MOBILedit Forensic application.

When your Activation Key has been granted access to the BETA version and an update is available, you will see an update notification like in the screenshot below.

Click on the "Update" button opposite the BETA notification to execute the update process:

In the situation that you wish to withdraw from the BETA test program, please contact us in the same way via our MOBILedit Contact Form