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Reveal iTunes Backup

If you previously used iTunes software to back up your iOS device, you can use this feature in order to extract data from the created iTunes backup using MOBILedit Forensic.

How to

1. Open MOBILedit Forensic. 

2. Select “Import data”:

3. Choose the “Reveal iTunes backups” option:

4. A list of available backups will show up, choose which one you want to extract data from:

5. Once you have selected a particular iTunes backup, click on “Next”:

6. Type the valid password for your iTunes backup, if required, and select “Enter”:

In case you don't know the password, you can try to break it with our password breaker.

In case the password is non-existent, it is automatically set to “123” (and unset after the extraction is finished).

7. Your iTunes backup has been loaded and is ready to be analysed. To start with proceeding data analysis, please select “Next”:

Please see Choose data to import ( for more details.

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