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Security Bypassing

The Security Bypassing feature may help you to get more data from the device using multiple methods such as EDL, MTK, LAF. In some cases, even if you don’t know the passcode, PIN, or pattern lock. You can root Android devices and there are instructions on how to jailbreak iPhones.

Security Bypassing methods are available from MOBILedit Forensic PRO version.

Thanks to LIVE UPDATES, we are able to add additional models or chipsets of devices to our database in the form of packages without the need to reinstall the software. LIVE UPDATES is a unique feature and a strong point of MOBILedit Forensic, providing immediate updates of application analysis, security bypassing and other features live and as often as needed.

This process gets full access to user data, without removing the passcode, PIN or pattern lock, so the device will remain locked.

Main benefits:

  • Creation of the device's physical image with EDL, MTK, LAF, etc., and reusing/reanalysing it multiple times in the future to get better results without the need of having the device present.

  • Rooting or Jailbreaking devices.

  • Provides a secure copy of data from devices by creating a complete backup in the Samsung Smart Switch backup, Huawei backup, and Xiaomi MIUI backup.

The following information will help you determine which of the Security bypassing options will be possible and likely to be successful:

  • Make

  • Model

  • Operating system & version

  • System on chip (SOC) type or chipset

  • Security patch level for Android

  • Locked or unlocked

Security bypassing approach

You can either connect your device and click on “Next”, then possible Security bypassing method will be listed, or on the Home page click on “Security bypassing” to choose the approach.

By model       

  • Select the exact device model from the list to see possible bypassing methods. If the device is not listed, try another approach.

In case the method has multiple variants, try one at a time.

By chipset     

  • If the exact chipset is known, it can be selected from the list. Then possible bypassing methods for such chipset will be displayed. This approach is for devices with Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Spreadtrum chipsets.

In case the method has multiple variants, try one at a time. On the left side is a list of devices for a given variant, we first recommend choosing variants for similar types of phones.

By method

  • This method is intended primarily for advanced users. Here are all the bypassing methods available in MOBILedit Forensic, such as MTK, EDL, checkra1n, rooting, etc.

This approach requires additional files, such as EDL programmers, PAC files, etc., that users must search for a specific device.

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