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Security Bypassing - Approach

Security bypassing approach

Live-connected device

Connect your device and click “Next” then all possible extraction and analysis options will be shown, including Security bypassing methods.

When a device is first connected, MOBILedit Forensic gathers some basic device details and offers a selection of choices for the operator according to the following parameters:

  • Device manufacturer/brand

  • Operating system

  • Chipset

  • Communication status (Rooted or No root access)

Security bypassing options

From the Home page, click “Next” and onto the “Connection screen”. Then choose “Security bypassing” and you will see the options:

  • By model

  • By Chipset

  • By Method

By model       

  • Use the search field to find the exact device model from the list and after clicking “Next”, you will see all possible bypassing methods for that device. If the device is not listed, it does not mean security bypassing isn’t possible, try “By chipset”.

MOBILedit Forensic PRO 9.4_Security bypassing_By model.PNG

By chipset     

  • Use the search field to find the exact chipset make and model from the list and after clicking “Next”, you will see the appropriate method for that chipset.

    • EDL - Qualcomm,

    • MTK - MediaTek

    • Spreadtrum - Spreadtrum

    • Unisoc - Unisoc

  • If the chipset method has more than one or multiple variants, try one at a time. Variants will be shown on the next screen and when selected, the associated device name will show on the left-hand side of the screen. We recommend choosing variants for similar types of phones.

Other chipset options for Kirin, Exynos and advanced MTK methods are available in MOBILedit Forensic PRO+

This is a safe method as the technique runs in the RAM disk/volatile memory. Therefore, options for similar devices with the same chipset can be attempted.

MOBILedit Forensic PRO 9.4_Security bypassing_By chipset.PNG


By method

  • This method is intended for experienced and advanced users as in most cases, you will need to locate a device-specific file by searching the internet and other sources. All of the Security bypassing methods that are available in MOBILedit Forensic, are shown here:

  • such as MTK, EDL, checkra1n, rooting, etc.

This approach requires additional files, such as EDL programmers, PAC files, etc., that users must search for a specific device.

MOBILedit Forensic PRO 9.4_Security bypassing_By method.PNG

Connect device

Accessing some security bypassing methods is possible from the connection screen and by selecting “Connect device”.

  • Connect MTK

  • Connect EDL

  • Connect Spreadtrum

  • Connect LAF

  • Connect Recovery

  • Connect Odin

  • Connect Fastboot

MEF 9.4_Connection screen_Connect device.png

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