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Where to find previous Android backup?

Here are a few places you can look for your Android backups if one or more exists.  You could then restore the phone or import the backup and run the program.

  1. Log in to your Google account, in the upper right of the screen there is a small grid you can click... of the given options look in 'Google Drive' or 'Photos'

  2. To find your backed-up contacts... log in to Gmail on your PC...near the upper left of the screen it will say 'Gmail' and there will be a drop-down box, select the box and click 'Contacts'

  3. Your phone service provider might have a backup/cloud-based backup option- if you log in to your cell phone account online at your PC you can check there (e.g Samsung Cloud). You can check on any PC you connected the phone to previously. 

  4. On your PC, click the Windows symbol (usually in the lower-left)- in the search field type backup.ab

Outside of these options you could search online or google search for other methods, or contact us directly for assistance.

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