Phone contacts – retrieves all contacts from the phone; typically what is contained in the standard phone book.

SIM contacts – contacts from the SIM card, if present in the phone and the phone allows access to the SIM card data.

Application contacts – if selected, all contacts from all applications will be merged together with the phone contacts in the main Contacts section. If not selected, application contacts will still be displayed in their respective application sections.

Data from vCard files – if selected, all vCard files retrieved from the phone will be analyzed, and the results will be merged to the Contacts section as well.
Deleted contacts - shows deleted contacts from all options above - unless you filter them out.

Display order of contacts

Contacts in the report can be ordered by:

  • Name

  • Time the contact was created (this is useful for locating newly added contacts)

  • Time the contact was last communicated with (such as who was called most recently)

  • How many times the contact has been interacted with (frequent contacts)

However, the last three options are not available on all phones. 'Creation time' can only be retrieved from iOS and recent versions of Android. 'Last time contacted' and 'Times contacted' are only available from Android phones.

To see examples of what reports will look like, based on various settings, go to the 'Report in details' section.

Example of contacts report: