Local filters are filters used in Specific selection - unlike the Global filters, they only apply to specific content. 

Using local filters, you can filter most of the parameters related to the data you selected, such as:

  • order (ascending or descending)

  • time

  • location

  • name

  • path

and sort by:

  • filename

  • fullpath

  • time

  • content

Keep in mind that if you will sort, for example, the messages by content: "Hi" you will get even words that have the word Hi in them... for example a word: this

Local filters are applied to the data which you choose in Specific selection:

  • contacts

  • messages

  • emails

  • calls

  • organizer

  • applications

  • photo recognizer

  • face matcher

  • photos

  • image files

  • large images

  • audio files

  • video files

  • documents

  • filesystems

  • contact analysis

  • GPS locations

  • web

  • timeline

If you select a local filter, it will be always prioritized against global filters (i.e. if you choose a specific date in the global filter and different date in the local filter, both will be shown in the report)