Phone images – all other images from the phone's file-system.

Application images – images retrieved from the application's data, which might also include images stored in temporary files or caches that has been detected as potential images.

Deep analysis – this option will copy all files from the phone (the same as the Full file-system option) and will perform analysis of all files to check whether they are actually image files.

Filter out redundant images - will try to omit emoticons and similar images from the reports, but these images will still be copied from the phone.

Grid view - tabular view of images

Detailed images - displays images one by one
Show advanced metadata - adds minor EXIF information such as lens info, which makes the text details longer

Files can be sorted by:

  • Filename, which means only the name of the file, without its path, is used for sorting

  • Full path of the file, including the location (folder) where the file was stored

  • Time, of the creation or the last modification of the file 

Images can be placed in ascending or descending order with any of the sort options available.

Example of images report with photo recognizer: