"Phone messages" groups the SMS, MMS, iMessages, application messages and any standard phone messages together. Forensic Express can find any variation of these types of message and present the gathered data in the report generated.

Emails and Email messages are gathered separately in their own section and will not be shown in the Messages section of the report.

Phone messages – standard phone messages, which covers SMS, MMS, and iMessages on iPhones.

SIM messages – messages retrieved from the SIM card, if available.

Application messages - if selected, all messages from all applications will be merged together with the standard phone messages. If not selected, application messages will be shown only in their respective application sections of the report.

Deleted messages – this option turns on the recovery of deleted messages, wherever it is possible. Any recovered deleted messages are placed together with regular messages and are visibly marked as 'deleted'.

Conversations - displays phone messages in the conversation view only, which is a shorter format; but please note that it is possible that not all available information stored in the messages may be displayed.

Detailed messages - shows messages with all details, without the conversations.

Both – shows the conversations followed by the detailed messages.

The display order of messages

Messages in the report can be ordered by:

  • Time, which sorts by the time and date they were sent or received

  • Contact name in the message

  • Type of the message, such as sent or received

  • The conversation that the message is included in

To see examples of what reports will look like, based on various settings, go to the Report in the details section.

Example of messages report:

Keep in mind that if you will filter, for example, the messages by content: "Hi" you will get even words that have the word Hi in them... for example a word: this