In order you need to update your dongle licence, you need to request it directly from our sales department. You can contact our sales through this webform.

To activate your license with the dongle, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the dongle version of MOBILedit Forensic you received from our sales representative.

  2. Insert MOBILedit dongle to a USB port, there is no device drivers installation required.

  3. Run MOBILedit Forensic, it will check the dongle and allow for the full functionality of the product according to a license you purchased.

  4. Check for updates

5. Press Update/Refresh licence

6. Success message

Each time you want to start MOBILedit Forensic, you’ll need to have the MOBILedit dongle inserted in the computer. If you remove the dongle, the product will stop working.