Why User portal?

  1. Regulations require that the usage of phone unlocking tools has to be controlled. So we need to know who are end-users and enable the license case by case. You probably know it from other forensic tools as well.

  2. The User portal will provide you with all downloads, updates, and plug-ins you are entitled to. The tool can no longer be downloadable for the public.

  3. We plan many great features, such as a list of supported phones where the security can be bypassed, the possibility to request development, etc.

How to register?

1. Go to MOBILedit Forensic Portal and click on “Portal Registration”.

2. Enter your email and license key (make sure the email is valid, a verification code will be sent to entered email). Click on “Send validation code”.

3. Enter your validation code received by email, fill in all mandatory fields. The email and the license key are transferred from the previous step and cannot be changed. Click on “Register account”.

4. When registration is finished, you will be automatically redirected to your account page.

In this stage, your account needs to be validated by our representatives. Please note, this process might take a few business days. You will be notified by email when your account is approved. Since approved, you are ready to download the product or to register the additional license.