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Data - GPS locations

MOBILedit Forensic is able to extract accurate location data from Android devices. Application analysis can also provide GPS detailed location data and sometimes entire routes - especially with mapping, fitness, and transportation applications such as Uber or MapMyRun. 

This means that the sequence of GPS coordinates with timestamps is recorded and added into the report files. Photos and videos on a device may also contain GPS locations (including coordinates) in their metadata. Notes, Events, and various other items may also contain location data.

GPS locations that have been obtained can be viewed in an interactive map that allows for filtering based on the type of location points. Filtering by time can also be applied.

For more information about filtering click here.

Example of GPS locations report:

GPS data might be extracted from various sources - such as image metadata. Because of this, source data might appear in the backup folder even if you have not selected them.

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