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Description of editions

MOBILedit Forensic software offers five different editions. Each edition is tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. Let's dive into the main differences in features between each edition:

Single Phone edition

This edition is designed for individual or low-volume users focusing on data extraction from a single mobile device where the screen lock passcode is known. It lacks advanced features and some analysis capabilities included in the versions below but still supports maximum live data extraction from mobile phones.

Standard edition

The Standard edition is suitable for users who require essential functionalities. It lacks advanced features like security bypassing, smartwatch connectivity, physical image extraction, and certain analysis capabilities.

It is suitable for cases where large numbers of mobile devices need to be examined and are presented as unlocked.

PRO edition

The PRO edition includes security bypassing features for circumventing the permission security of devices. It can bypass permission security and for example, provide data from messaging apps. PRO edition doesn’t bypass authentication security, so the password or PIN needs to be known in all cases. MOBILedit Forensic PRO also includes Smart Screenshots feature, smartwatch and dive computer connectivity . This product is suitable for professional mobile digital forensic investigators. Whilst the sale of this edition is controlled, it does not fall under strict dual-use regulations.

App downgrade is included to enable you to extract data from the most secure apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook and more.

PRO+ edition

The PRO+ edition has all of the features of MOBILedit Forensic Pro and in addition provides the most comprehensive set of features, including a full suite of authentication bypassing features for the latest mobile devices with the highest level of security. Due to this fact, the sale of this edition is controlled by EU regulations as a dual-use product.

Using these Security bypassing methods, including brute forcing of screen locks on supported devices and brute forcing backup passwords, authentication security can be bypassed.

Permission security can also be bypassed to gain root access to a device and detailed application data, such as messaging apps.

Cloud edition

The Cloud edition is optimized for data acquisition from cloud-based services used for data storage, social and email services. Examples are Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and many more. It can be used integrated as add on with PRO and PRO+ or as a standalone product. Cloud edition does not extract data from mobile devices.


Customers can choose the edition that suits their needs most, ensuring they have the right tools to conduct efficient and thorough digital investigations.


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