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Does MOBILedit Forensic offer a viewer or a data analysis tool?

MOBILedit Forensic is a tool for extraction and analysis that provides you with a choice of format for exports and reports.

Report output formats are PDF, Excel, and HTML, which enables you to view the data in an easy-to-read style whilst reviewing the evidence. Once the data has been reviewed you can import the MOBILedit backup file that was created during the initial extraction and re-analyse it using filters to highlight the relevant evidence.

PDF, Excel and HTML reports are all searchable by using the search function, often accessible by using the shorcut keys of <Ctrl+F>.

Digital forensic investigators often use multiple tools with some prefering to use dedicated analysis software. Therefore, we added support for export in 3rd party tool formats, such as Cellebrite UFDR and CLBX, so that investigators have more flexibility to review the data. It is also possible to export in both MOBILedit export and MOBILedit backup formats.

We do recommend creating a MOBILedit backup when investigating a device as it makes the data available for re-examination in the future, esepecially if the device is no longer available or is not easily accessible.

To preview some basic data such as calls, messages, organizers, and calendars, you can use. “Phone data preview”.

We also offer a File Manager for connected phones. This allows you to browse the content of the phone as if it was a file system and also allows you to copy data in and out of the phone.

Additionally, there are buttons called Properties, Analyze and Phone Info, which allow you to get more detailed info about the phone or any of its data folders.

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