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License activation

Since version 8.0 every licence key must be registered and verified via the MOBILedit User Portal.


There are two types of activation possibilities: online activation and activation by physical dongle. Each one has its own advantages.

Online activation specifics

  • the license can be purchased online, it is delivered immediately and the activation is also online

  • the computer needs to be connected to the internet

  • one license is exactly for one computer

  • can be deactivated online too


Dongle license specifics

  • a dongle is a device with a special security chip, that you connect to a USB

  • needs to be physically delivered by the carrier

  • the license works only if the dongle is present

  • allows for better sharing of licenses within departments: you can have multiple installations of our products in your department and in one-time work only on those with the dongle inserted

You can choose which mode is better for your purpose.

With a full license, you can use MOBILedit Forensic with an unlimited number of phones.

To activate your license, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the software.

  2. Click on the “Activation” button.

  3. Enter the key you have received.

If you have been using an activated demo license, deactivate the demo key and then activate the software with your new full license key.

The digital key version of MOBILedit Forensic is not compatible with the dongle. Read how to use the dongle version here.

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