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Parental check

The Parental Check option is a carefully predefined selection for getting the best results. It is optimized for situations when you as a parent want to check your children's phone.

The following data will be exported and listed in the report:

  • Title page

  • Table of contents

  • Screenshots of report settings

  • Contacts (List & Groups)

  • Messages (Conversations & Detailed messages)

  • Emails

  • Calls

  • Organizer (List of calendars, Events, Birthdays & Holidays, Tasks, & Notes)

  • Apps

  • Application list

  • Photos

  • Images

  • Video

  • Contact analysis

  • Locations (GPS locations)

  • Notifications

  • Passwords

  • Web (Browsing history, Search history & Bookmarks)

If you perform more than one extraction from the same device, only the new and changed or modified data will show up in the report.

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