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Physical extraction - LAF method

LAF method works on all LG smartphones with the new version of LG LAF protocol (this is a service download mode similar to Samsung Odin download mode). Every LG smartphone from the year 2013 and newer should therefore support our LAF method, but it various of the version of Android OS. This exploit takes advantage of "LG Flash Mode" - used primarily for updating firmware.

There is a way that you may be able to extract a physical image from LG phones without root access (rooting the phone).

How to

  1. On the main screen click on "Security Bypassing".

  2. Choose security bypassing approach.

By model

Select the exact device model from the list and choose “Get physical dump from LAF”. Follow on-screen instructions. If the device is not listed, try another approach.


By chipset

 This approach is not available for LG devices.

Generic profile

Select connect LAF and follow on-screen instructions.

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