Phone video files – retrieves video files from the phone.
Application video files – includes video files stored in the application data.
Generate thumbnails - thumbnails are shown in the report
Generate storyboard - videos are ordered in a sequence

For every video file in the report there is the key metadata, such as the length, creation time, etc, and it is also possible to create a video storyboard, which are images taken from the video at specific intervals.
Storyboards are automatically generated with video thumbnails from videos. If this feature is turned on, a storyboard is made for every video. You can set how many thumbnails you want or how often you want to generate them.

For thumbnail generation we use FFmpeg, so it needs to be installed for the Storyboard generation. Detailed information is in the Video storyboard (FFmpeg) section. 

Files can be sorted by:

  • Filename, which means only the name of the file, without its path, is used for sorting

  • The full path of the file, including the location (folder) where the file was stored

  • Time, of the creation or the last modification of the file

The sort order can be ascending or descending.

Example of contacts report: