With a single phone license, you can use only a single phone to work with MOBILedit Forensic Express. Once you activate the license it becomes locked to the selected phone.

How to

  1. Download and install MOBILedit Forensic Forensic Express from http://www.mobiledit.com/downloads#forensic

2. Install the correct USB drivers for your phone. We recommend downloading a complete driver package.

3. Run MOBILedit Forensic Express and click on "Activation".

If you have already bought MOBILedit Forensic Express click on "Activate" and fill in all the necessary details. If you haven't bought MOBILedit Forensic Express yet, click on "Purchase license" and proceed with the purchase itself

4. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. On iOS, unlock the device and confirm your trust for the computer. On Android, unlock the device and enable USB debugging mode, then confirm your trust for the computer (more information on enabling USB debugging can be found here).

Be aware that it is not possible to activate a phone with Android 10 OS with a single phone license through wifi. However, if you activate a phone through a cable, you will be able to use it with wifi later.

5. After you successfully connect your phone, click on "Next" and you will be prompted to activate the phone.

6. Click on "Activate selected phone". Your phone's IMEI number will be now used by the software in order to recognize it. Once you activate the single phone license, you will be able to run unlimited extractions on the registered phone.

Please note that the single phone license is limited in features like non-standard import, physical image creation, or Photo Analyzer. The features will not work with a Single phone license!