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How to jailbreak an iOS device?

Jailbreaking device enables MOBILedit Forensic to extract more data from your iPhone or iPad.

Some of the primary reasons why people jailbreak their devices include:

  • Sideloading apps

  • Option to set and use alternative apps

  • Customization of the otherwise closed iOS user interface

  • Tethering your Mac to your iPhone 

  • Ability to browse the entire internal memory filesystem of your device

Learn how to jailbreak iPhone with checkra1n here.

How do I jailbreak an iOS device? 

Please do note that our support team can help you with problems that might occur after the device is jailbroken, but the whole process of jailbreaking is only done by the user

There are three ways of jailbreaking your iOS:

  1. Tethered - This method requires you to connect your iPhone to your computer and use an external application to jailbreak it. Once you restart your iPhone, the jailbreak is undone, but please note: your device will not be usable until you jailbreak it again using the same method. 

  2. Semi-tethered - This method doesn't require you to connect your iPhone to a computer in order to jailbreak it, however, the jailbreak is still undone every time you reboot your device, or, after a certain amount of time passes.

  3. Untethered - This method doesn't necessarily require a computer to perform a jailbreak on your device and also modifies the iOS on a deeper level which means that no matter how many times you reboot your device, it stays jailbroken until you manually "un-jailbreak" it.

There are specific known ways to jailbreak almost every iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on almost every iOS, except the latest releases - as it usually takes a few months to find a way of jailbreaking the newest version of iOS. 

This means that there is no way of describing them all in a single article.

However, currently, the most often used apps for jailbreaking iOS devices are Pangu or Cydia Impactor. You can learn more about how Cydia works on the app developer's official website at this link, or you can read this article which describes a simplified process of iOS jailbreaking.

You can find a full list of available jailbreaks for each device here.

Also, keep in mind that our software might not recognize in the main menu that your device is jailbroken or not - it is due to service AFC2 or SSH not being accessible. If that happens do not worry it won't affect the extraction in any way.

Jailbreaking a device may void the manufacturer's warranty and could cause security risks. Please take this into consideration before performing this process.

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