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How to make reports smaller?

As a forensic expert who is working with a lot of reports on a daily basis, you might find this article very useful. It will give you some tips which can make your daily routine much more effective.

Split the PDF report file into multiple files

Splitting the PDF report file into multiple separate files will help you to get the report results divided into sections. It will give you a list of files named by contained data types or the application's data. 

Each file includes bookmarks which are helpful in case you decide to change the PDF file you want to view. See the example picture, you are in the "Events" file, but you can simply open the "Messages" if you’d like to.

Another benefit of splitting the PDF into multiple files is that you can simply copy each file and use it separately. Each file contains not only bookmarks, but also the main report page with device info, device properties, and table of contents.

Use filtering

Filtering allows you to minimize content in the final report to the exact strings or time intervals which interests you the most. The MOBILedit Forensic has two-level filtering.

First is the filtering of the whole extraction. For more information go to Global Filters.

You can combine the selections, for example you know the exact time interval and the text string, then you fill these as you need. For more information go to Local filters.

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