The following article will explain everything you need to know in order to successfully connect an iPhone to MOBILedit Forensic Express. iPhone can be connected by either by cable or via Wi-Fi. All iOS versions are supported.

Connecting iPhone by USB cable

  1. Install correct Apple drivers if necessary.

  2. Unlock the phone´s screen - use Lockdown method if the password is unknown.

  3. Disable "Auto-Lock" option.

  4. Connect iPhone to your PC via USB cable.

  5. Confirm trust message on iPhone screen.

  6. Stop the Apple Mobile Device Service.

Click on the "Stop the service" button. It will ask you to run iTunes Service Stopper, which will stop the service, preventing proper connection establishment.

Connecting iPhone by Wi-Fi

Using a Wi-Fi connection you will be able to work only with contacts, but including those stored in clouds, such as iCloud, Google contacts, Exchange server, etc. By using MOBILedit you will be able to fully write to contacts, edit, delete.

If you’re having trouble with the connection, continue here: Issues with the connection.