Below you will find a list of add-ons which can be updated in the Updates section from the main menu. All of the following add-ons give you advanced options and are essential for extracting as much data as possible. We are continuously working on updates for MOBILedit Forensic Express, so whenever you receive an update notification, make sure to update all of the newly released packages.

App downgrade

Some applications manufacturers made restrictions on what data can be acquired from their apps. This is especially relevant for non-rooted phones.

To bypass this you can use the App downgrade, feature in MOBILedit Forensic Express, which will downgrade the apps to a version, in which there was no problem in obtaining the data from them directly.

You can read more about App downgrade here.

The App downgrade feature must be activated in the specific selection.

App engine 

The app engine turns on automatically as a source for the application script during the analysis. It is part of the program from the start and does not have to be downloaded separately.

iOS screenshots

Captured phone photos enable you to make a screenshot of the phone's display, import your own images or take a picture with the webcam. For Android OS devices this feature is turned on automatically.

To enable this feature on iOS devices, you will need to download the iOS screenshots package from the Updates section.

Cell towers

Data about cell towers that the subject phone was connected to can be obtained. However, this is only possible with rooted Android phones. Obtained cell tower locations can be individually viewed on the map through the provided link.

When installed, it is turned on automatically both for the specific selection and full content.

Face Matcher 

Face matcher is a neat feature which allows you to find photos with faces and compares them with provided source images. It can be turned on in the specific selection and to activate it, you need to upload at least one source image.

To read more about can Face Matcher here.

File exclude list 

This feature allows the user to filter regular and unnecessary files. The filtering is based on hashes which the software gathers from NIST as a part of NSLR packages for Android and iOS.

Photo Recognizer 

The Photo recognizer is powered by artificial intelligence module utilizing machine learning to automatically recognize suspicious content in photos such as drugs, nudity, weapons, currency and documents.

Photo recognizer can be turned on the specific selection if the respective package is installed.

To read more about Photo recognizer click here.

Malware Detection 

Malware detection lets you check the extracted application APK files for malware. It must be installed first and turned on in the Application list section. To make Malware detection feature work properly, make sure to have Java installed on your computer.


Recovery mode helps you to extract more data from an Android device. It is used by TWRP to flash the recovery.

To read more about recovery click here.


EDL package consists of programmers that are essential for EDL hack. In future releases, this package will be removed and replaced by one that will be same for all of these hacks.