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Connector permissions

Due to Android´s policy changes, applications now do request permissions separately. After updating to a newer version of Forensic, you will be asked to confirm them manually.

Connector app is installed automatically, in case you are experiencing any kind of issues or want to install it manually, please visit the dedicated guide here.

If you connect a device with an outdated Connector app, you will receive a warning: Old Connector in the phone.

Simply click the "yes" option and wait a few seconds until our software installs the connector to your phone.

The process is fully automatic. After a successful update, you will be prompt to manually confirm all the permissions on your device.

Permissions required by our app are:
Contacts, SMS messages, calendar, call logs, locations, photos, media, and files.

In some circumstances, on older Android devices, user assistance may be required when installing Forensic Connector to enable all required permissions:

On devices running Android 10 and below, installation of the Forensic Connector app is usually automatic and does not require user assistance:

On devices running Android 11 and above, installing Forensic Connector will require special access permissions to access all files. This permission is called "All files access" and requires user assistance:

If you missed the confirmation and need to enable it manually, you can usually find it in the settings by searching "All files access" or, depending on the manufacturer's user interface, the path may look like the follows:

  • Settings > Apps > [three dots icon vertically] > Special access > All files access > Forensic Connector [ON]

  • Settings > Apps > Special app access > All files access > Forensic Connector > Allow access to manage all files [ON]

Missing Forensic Connector permissions can cause errors when reading data from the connected device. This would significantly affect the extraction results and the report would not contain the expected data.

Therefore, it is essential to have all permissions confirmed before starting the extraction.

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