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A Full content Logical extraction will extract and analyse all data from the device that MOBILedit Forensic can access.

Logical-Full content.png

This is a good option for a quick report setup and to get maximum data however, the proprietary analysis modules like Face Matcher and Photo recognizer will not be applied.

You can always choose to extract an All data MOBILedit backup with Full content and reimport the backup later to take advantage of these powerful analysis modules.

Typically the following analsysis modules will be applied to a Logical Full content extraction:

  • Title Page

  • Table of Contents

  • Screenshots of Report Settings

  • Summary

  • Deleted Data

  • Captured Phone Photos (Will be empty in full content)

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Messages

  • Emails

  • Calls

  • Organizer

  • Applications

  • Application List

  • Photos

  • Image Files

  • Audio Files

  • Video Files

  • Documents

  • Files

  • Misc Files

  • Internal Files

  • Applications Files

  • Cell Towers

  • Cloud Credentials

  • Contact Analysis

  • Cookies

  • Locations

  • GPS Locations

  • Passwords

  • SIM Card

  • User Dictionary

  • Wi-Fi Networks

  • Web

  • Data Extraction Log

As all available modules are run for extraction and analsysis, there will automatically be a corresponding section in the report. That does not mean to say the specific section of the report will be populated with data if, we do not have the permissions to access the data or, there is no relavent data for that category in the device or import.

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