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Android backups

The Android operating system is used by many different handset manufacturers. The native backup format for Android is an ADB (Android Debug Bridge) backup however, handset manufacturers often choose to support their own native backup formats. We have chosen to support the import of backups from the most popular device manufacturers.

Sometimes a backup may be all you have as a result of seizing a suspects computers. Depending on the SW tool used for examing the computer, it may or may not support proper and detailed analysis of mobile device backups.

Any mobile device backup should be analysed using a SW tool capable of importing and analysing mobile backups correct, like MOBILedit Forensic.

Below is an overview of the Android backups supported by MOBILedit Forensic.

Importing of Android backups is NOT available for the Single Phone license of MOBILedit Forensic and is available only for the Unlimited license editions of MOBILedit Forensic; Standard, PRO & PRO+.

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